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Bee Healthy

Being Healthy - wow where do I start.  The word health means different things to different people.

People think they understand health but if you try focus on it, it is not so clear cut.

At heart I am a scientist so I love a good definition.  The World Health Organization definition of health is
Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
I like that this definition shows health is more than just the 'right' weight, or eating the 'correct' foods.  It was praised for it's holistic & positive approach.

But many healthcare professionals (the ones striving for 'health' of their patients) says this definition is outdated & unachievable.  I would be inclined to agree.  To have complete physical, mental & social well being is a bit idealistic & could anybody really be that kind of healthy?

So what I'm probably trying to say is that many things might pop up in this category!

These will be the main things for me

Bee Rested

Sleep is so important for your body & mind.  I have had sleep disturbances, too much & too little. Anything to do with resting your body & mind is welcome.

Bee Active

We all know regular exercise is good for us.  I am going to be taking part in a few challenges to make this a habit, also posting latest crazes or anything active that interests me.

Bee Nourished

I hummed & hawed this category (wee saying, - meaning spent time pondering it). I am a registered dietitian so you will not find any fas diets or theory bout super foods (evidence based practice for me only) however what you will find is good healthy eating tips & recipes.  Remember the healthy part of healthy eating principles are that they offer some kind of protection.  We know diet can help reduces the risk of many conditions, but we also know we are always learning new things.  That can mean the eating messages can change & the media do a great job of making science awfully confusing!  So I want to include clear easy read messages & recipes for healthy balanced diet.

I am also on a weight loss journey to help me get healthy but I've put that in separate section Bee Weight Wise.

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