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Bee Happy

Every time I blew out a candle on a cake, or looked to the stars, or wrote in my journal I wished for one thing.

For a long time I felt I had no control over my own happiness & it was something that happened to other people.  (To find out what change see my about page)

I wasn't into positive thinking.  I was depressed & you can't think your way out it! (my opinion others are available).  But there is a whole industry of self help, theories & ideas on being happy.

Here you will find lots of theories, ideas & people that have inspired me.  Part of my own little Happiness Project if you like.  But way less organised!

Bee Inspired

Here you will find some inspirational people, works on finding your passion, self help gurus, ordinary folks like me striving for a happy life.  It may give you some ideas or inspire you to adopt some positive practices in your own life.  Warning may contain life changing stuff.

Bee Challenged

Happiness happens when you are growing, expanding & taking control of your life.  So go on Try Hard, Learn some new, Just Do It!

Bee Social

We are not solitary creatures & a lot of our happiness is bound up in our relationships.  Friends, partners, lovers, marriage, family, parents & children all have a role to play.  Could you strengthen these relationships.  I know I could!  Life can get so busy but feeling love & giving love can make you feel great, so what's stopping you?

Bee Organised

Organisation doesn't make everyone happy, but for me it makes everything a lot easier!  I do love a good planner or to do list. Cos life is hectic here you will find stuff on getting a work/life balance (or at least my attempt at it), managing money (another thing I need to work hard on), making time (that would be a handy magic trick to have, eh?) & day to day running of a house.

Bee Creative

I always thought I wasn't a creative person, what a limiting mindset.  Who says you're not creative?  Ok you don't like needlepoint, paper craft or painting but everyone has a creative side.  While I had the mindset I wasn't creative I had no hobbies.  Yes none.  I didn't participate in anything more than just 'surviving'.  Now I've got back into knitting which my gran taught me when I was wee, I got a sewing machine & a few classes, & joined ceroc (partner dancing, its sooo fun!)  This year I vow to do even more.

Click on all the sections & have a buzz around

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