Bee Happy and Healthy: Staying Organised at Christmas

Staying Organised at Christmas

Monday, 16 November 2015

Christmas to me means finding the perfect gifts, tasty food, party wear I feel good in & stress, stress, stress.

Well not this year.

I love Xmas but somehow get sucked into the stress of it all.  I have the feeling I could very easily let things get on top of me  - what with moving, living in rented accommodation waiting on our house being built, giving up my reliable well paid job oh yeah & starting a handmade business, Mrs B'Spoke Gifts.

So my plan is Lists, Lists & more Lists

Moving List 
I have packing lists, colour coded rooms & packing countdown checklists - thank you Martha Stewart! 

I am trying to keep the boxes we will need to unpack in rented accommodation separate so we don't need to pack everything twice!  But if anyone has tips on living in temporary house or living out a box let me know!  Here's what I got so far -

1. List of Boxes for each room
2. List for Packing Van loads
3. List of boxes to be OPENED (all the rest will be piled high in rented accommodation!)
4. Change of Address List

Gift List
I like to do a little spreadsheet with these headings:

Who is the gift for , Budget, Ideas, What has been Bought,  Still To Buy,  Total Spent

This means I can keep track of what I've already spent/bought & what I need to still find.  It also means I can pull what was bought for each person to give to hubby.  
A.) So he knows what 'we' got people 
& B.) So he can wrap it!  I do the buying, he does the wrapping that's the deal.  We've got a nice wee tag team going.

This year I definitely want to support small businesses as much as I can, check out my gift guides for some fab handmade products.

Christmas Business Lists
As for running a handmade business over Xmas I need all the help I can get! 
I am already way behind on marketing, everyone seems to have started shopping early & it's amazing how it creeps up on you.  Anything I learn this year I hope to jot down & get a list & countdown for next year! 

1. Marketing Plan
2. Product Range
3 Christmas staging for Blog, Etsy, Facebook & Twitter

How do you stay organised at Christmas?
Do you have Christmas Lists?
Ever had to move twice due to a house build?

Mrs B x

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