Bee Happy and Healthy: Happy St Andrews Day

Happy St Andrews Day

Monday, 30 November 2015

Just quick post cos I am getting keys to temp flat (moving out our house tomorrow!)

Happy St Andrews Day!

I have stayed in Scotland all my life but have moved around a lot! I have parts that will always be dear to my heart for different reasons hence why even this move we are still staying in Scotland.

The sun has sneaked out today to celebrate!

Have a wonderful day

Irn Bru flavour cake! 

On a dog walk - so lucky to live here

The Kelpies - a must see!

Only a snip of my hubby's collection

The Queen's Bakers!
Check out the whisky tours I have done

Slainte mhath! Your very good health

(pronounced 'slange-ee-va)

Love Mrs B x

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