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Personalised Christmas

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Getting Personal at Xmas

Personalised gifts just go that bit further in showing you really did want to get that person something special.

With handmade gifts there is a lot more room for personalisation with many crafters adding names, dates, initials to lots of different products.

I've put together a couple of Christmas Gift Guides to spark some ideas & showcase some fab handmade businesses this guide shows gifts that off something a bit different.

1. Gem Art, Xmas Bear, 2. Mrs B'Spoke Gifts, Family Tree, 3. CasSam Jewellery, Bunting necklace,  4. Tilly and Sage, Personalised bottle

Starting from the top -

1. Christmas Polar Bear from Gemart - why not commission some artwork, these little animals are so cute! £17

2. Family Heart Tree paper cut from Mrs B'Spoke Gifts.  Personalised with names & icons related to the family - anything you like can be in a tree! £50

3. Personalised Bunting necklace by CasSam Jewellery.  Stamped silver necklace with initial, start dropping hints ladies - send him the link! 

4. Personalised Prosecco Bottle by Tilly and Sage.  These painted bottles can be personalised with colours, patterns & even the tag can be personalised, what are you waiting for - you NEED one!

Custom jobs take time - buy now!

Don't forget at this busy time anything personalised takes time!  So get your orders in now - you will feel so organised.  Plus always check last post dates to avoid disappointment.

What would you like personalised?

Mrs B x

*PS I have not been paid or bribed for these links, just small businesses with great products I have found.  Also the Mrs B'Spoke Gifts is me!!

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